Tanim sa Kinabukasan

East-West Seed Philippines began its school-based vegetable garden program Tanim sa Kinabukasan in 2010 as a cause-related marketing project.

The objectives were to:
  Promote planting and eating of vegetables among school children
  Teach the values of responsibility, industriousness, and patience among school children
  Integrate vegetable gardening in the school curriculum
  Provide experiential learning on vegetable gardening
The program believes that eating habits picked up in early childhood are sustained into adulthood. Children’s eating habits remain a part of their lifestyle – which determines in large part their health and well-being later on in life. 
The idea of school-based vegetable gardens gained traction and grew into a bigger advocacy of the company, which has partnered with institutions in the Philippines with similar causes. 

TSK Project Framework

The project operates on the framework of partnership building. Strong and active participation of the various stakeholders are essential to the project’s success. 

TSK Accomplishments

Over the last three years, a total of 166 schools have been recipients of the program. Each school has 50 students who are directly involved in the school gardening. Around 1,500 students from Grades 4, 5 and 6 are indirect participants through the Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) subject. In some schools, there is a component of a school feeding program has an average of 50 nutritionally challenged pupils from Grades 1 and 2. 
In terms of student participation, about 8,300 students since 2010 have participated directly in the project and gained knowledge and skills on vegetable gardening; 249,000 students participated indirectly and gained awareness on the health benefits of vegetables and 8,300 pupils in the school feeding program have benefited from the project. 
Year # of schools Responsibility
2010 40 Field Marketing Representatives (EWPH Sales & Marketing)
2011 40 + 39 (Oh My Gulay – TSK) + 4 (Jollibee Foundation) = 83 EWPH Sales & Marketing, plus 5 OMG field coordinators
2012 43 East-West Seed Foundation (two project officers, 8 field coordinators)